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Waterproof abrasive sheets are made of latex paper with the use of silicon carbide and aluminum oxide mineralscombining extremely high abrasive capability and wear resistance. Function: waterproof abrasive sheets can be used wet or dry for various surface preparations in such areas as OEM, Automotive Aftermarket, Wooden and Metal industries and etc.
  • Ideally sieved mineral
  • Increased mineral durability
  • High backing elasticity and resistance for curling
  • Possibility to use wet or dry.

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230 х 280 mm


P1200, P1500, Р100, Р1000, Р120, Р150, Р180, Р2000, Р220, Р240, Р280, Р320, Р360, Р400, Р500, Р600, Р80, Р800


25/1000 pcs., 50/1000 pcs.