SKU Size Grit Package
555706114 x 25 mmР150100/1000 pcs.
555707114 x 25 mmР180100/1000 pcs.
555708114 x 25 mmР220100/1000 pcs.
555709114 x 25 mmР240100/1000 pcs.
555710114 x 25 mmР280100/1000 pcs.
555711114 x 25 mmР320100/1000 pcs.
555712114 x 25 mmР360100/1000 pcs.
555713114 x 25 mmР400100/1000 pcs.
555714114 x 25 mmР500100/1000 pcs.
555715114 x 25 mmР600100/1000 pcs.
Abrasive paper soft rolls with perforation with the use of high quality aluminum oxide mineral combining high abrasive ability, good wear resistance and perfect flexibility. Rolls are being supplied in special dispenser boxes for convenience in using and storing.
Function: Abrasive paper soft rolls are intended for use in awkward areas, for shaping and edge sanding. Ideally fit for hand sanding in awkward areas prior to applying top coats

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114 x 25 mm


Р150, Р180, Р220, Р240, Р280, Р320, Р360, Р400, Р500, Р600


100/1000 pcs.