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RADEX PG is a gloss protective polish on the basis of natural carnauba wax which is in combination with polymeric promoters creates heavy-duty film on a car surface adding high gloss and long term protection against the environment. Perfectly matches all types of paints and clear coats.
Instruction to use:
  1. Shake well before use. Apply on clean and properly cured surface. Avoid using on hot surfaces and on direct sunlight.
  2. Ideally applied using RADEX RDE 03 black polishing pad on electric or pneumatic polishing machine at 2500-3500 RPM. Can be used manually with RADEX Polishing Cloth. No water needed.
  3. Wait 1-3 minutes until the polish gets slightly dry and wipe away the residues by using RADEX Microfiber/Ultrafiber polishing cloths.

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