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Function: abrasive paper sheets with holes are developed for continuous effective sanding of metals, paint materials, putties, plastic, wood and etc. with use of the sanding equipment with dust extraction system. Velcro system provides ideal attachment for the sheets to the equipment and therefore high productivity when sanding putties and primers. They are recommended to use in such areas as repair and conveyor car painting, wood and metal working, manufacture of furniture, household appliances and etc.

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70 х 127 mm, 8 holes, 70 х 198 mm, 8 holes, 70 х 420 mm. 14 holes


Р100, Р120, Р150, Р180, Р220, Р240, Р280, Р320, Р360, Р400, Р500, Р60, Р80


100/800 pcs., 50/400 pcs.