SKU Title Properties Volume Package
800000 Primer EVO 4:1 HS white 3.5 L1/4 pcs.
800001 Primer EVO 4:1 HS grey 3.5 L1/4 pcs.
800002 Primer EVO 4:1 HS black 3.5 L1/4 pcs.
800010 Primer EVO 4:1 HS grey 3.5 L1/4 pcs.
800130 Hardener VP 30 standard 2.5 L1/4 pcs.
800132 Hardener VP 30 standard 0.2 L1/12 pcs.
800110 Hardener VP 10 fast2.5 L1/4 pcs.
RADEX EVO PRIMER 4:1 HS is a two-component high solid (HS) polyester primer that provides high build over existing coatings and properly prepared steel and aluminum substrates. Use with RADEX hardener VP30 (standard) or RADEX hardener VP10 (fast).
Description: product is used as the standard filler. This primer has excellent filling, drying and sanding properties important in today’s custom and restoration market.
When applying, product is forming “film” layer what’s thickness is more than 10 micrones.
Available in three colors: white, grey and black.

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Primer EVO 4:1 HS, Hardener VP 30, Hardener VP 10


white, grey, black, grey, standard, fast


0.2 L, 0.8 L, 2.5 L, 3.5 L


1/12 pcs., 1/4 pcs., 1/6 pcs.