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RADEX 2K Express Clearcoat is an acrylic clearcoat that is hiqhly scratch resistant (SR).The product has a very short drying time. It is recommended for fast repairs. The product reaches operating hardnes in just 20 min at 60oC or after 8 h at 20oC. Does not lose gloss over time. It is UV and weather resistant.
Function: a fast clear coat which speeds up your working processes with a fast drying time. It has a mixture ratio of 2:1 and is applied without any addition of thinners. The clear coat is easy to handle, has a deep gloss and a drying time of 15 minutes at 60°C only.

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2K Express Clearcoat, Hardener VR 5


0.5 L, 1 L


1/6 pcs.